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Headquartered in Kampala, Uganda, Gold sales Uganda negotiates for and owns...

Headquartered in Kampala, Uganda, Gold sales Uganda negotiates for and owns 6 gold mining operations in 4 countries, as well as several exploration programs in both the established and new gold producing regions of the East Africa.
Trust is hard earned an
d easily destroyed. It’s a fragile commodity to be negotiated. Failure to act ethically has an impact on our credibility, both with our suppliers as well as our buyers. Trust is constructed on the basis of several building blocks that include, but are not limited to: effective dialogue with a focus on listening and participation, respect, transparency, commitment making and delivery; and continuity over time to deliver on commitments made. We seek to address each of these to maintain our trust and credibility.​
At Gold sales Uganda, our commitment to gold does not stop with securing gold ores but extends to its global marketing, downstream value adding activities as well as monitoring of consumer trends and perceptions.
We are dealers of Gold nuggets and dore bars from South Sudan, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania on the African continent. At Gold sales Uganda we work with gold miners, exporters and sellers from Africa with long term experience and reputation.
We are committed to making sure all our business practices are conducted responsibly and have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate in and represent.​
With over 15 years in Gold sales management experience. We offer products and services ranging from gold nuggets and dore bars among others. We operate in business segments including securing and negotiating business solutions for small and large scale gold miners.
Mined and traded responsibly, gold can help alleviate poverty of individuals, contribute to the economic and social development of communities and improve the wealth of countries.
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